1st October, 2015

A balanced workout for your blog content

A key moment for every blogger out there is to not only build an army of followers, but also to constantly keep their attention and build their loyalty.

This cannot happen if you post once a month or if you spin the same types of articles and generally do not add anything interesting or valuable once in a while. You want to be diversifying your content so you always keep your readers on their toes. Diversification…just like in a workout! So what can you do to keep your blog healthy and strong so when it goes out in the beach all eyes are staring at it? (Note: For all you fitness and health junkies out there, I apologize if some of the comparisons are rather loose, the main idea is what matters!).

Starting out, one thing you cannot do without is posting valuable content, something that the user will find useful and would want to engage with. Just like a cardio workout – you can do it every day, it doesn’t require your full attention and concentration but still brings you a healthy benefit. Examples of such are “how to” guides, tips and tricks and practical advice. You don’t need to get into too much detail to keep the attention, the easier your text flows – the more comprehensive for your readers.

Next come the posts that go more in-depth and can really establish you as a good source of information and a leader in your niche. Much like the legs and abs training you do not necessarily ENJOY writing such articles but they are the ones that are really good for you and will attract attention. Such posts are a little longer and a little more complex like researches, analysis of case studies, thoughts of industry leaders etc. Show your blog readers that you know what you are speaking of and they will be less hesitant to grant you with their trust.

Then there are the long, long articles that take a topic and really turn it inside out. I see them as an intense weightlifting program. You cannot just walk into the gym and start lifting 100 kilos as a warm up. Analogically, you cannot create such content without a serious preparation and involvement of both time and effort. A single article of that type can far outreach the boundaries of your blog so you want to be as accurate as possible. Not only that, but if you achieve a high quality, you can be sure that this post will be popular for quite some time. This is a long-term investment, your opportunity to gain readership long after you have written the article. So get as much help as you can, discuss the topic with people, seek opinions from respectable names in the industry and offer people something they don’t already know!

No blog is fascinating enough if there isn’t a little bit of controversy. From time to time you would want to include some posts that will engage your readers with one another, stimulate them to be proactive. There are plenty of topics that can spark up a heated discussion so use this as a weapon. Its like comparing your biceps with your fitness buddies. Showcasing your “big guns” is all in good sports so make sure you control any negative outbursts and keep the banter at an acceptable level. The least you can achieve is gather some objective opinions and details you might not have thought of considering. Another hidden benefit is that such controversial content is highly shareable and you could spark a new wave of popularity for your blog without even lifting a finger.

To finish it off, no place is cool enough if it can’t offer you some sort of fun and relaxation. Learning new stuff and getting new information is good, but occasionally you have to give your visitors a break and let them enjoy their stay. Whatever the general subject of your blog, you can always find fun stuff to complement the practical info you are already sharing. Gather some peculiar facts, combine them with some funny imagery and you got it! Such posts should be as enjoyable and free-flowing to write as they are to read. I see them as the refreshing and rather tasty protein shake you can take after a tiresome workout, resting lazily on one of the couches in the gym bar. So bring out the creative You and put a smile on someone’s face – a priceless feeling.

At the end of the day, it all comes down to variety. You can always maintain your audience with some straightforward writing but if you are really ambitious to take your blog to the next level you shouldn’t restrain your creativity and drive to give something more. Follow this simple workout and soon enough your website will be buffed like a professional athlete.


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