How to add a favicon to your website

Ever wondered how to add a favicon to your website? In this easy guide I’ll walk you through how to do it.

If you’re unsure as to what a favicon is, it’s the little icon that shows up next to the website name in your tab area – you can see that mine is an icon of a geeky-looking character. These don’t have any effect on search enginne optimisation, it’s simply to improve the user experience.

In five easy steps, here is how to add a favicon to your website:

[spacer color=”6EB0E2″ icon=”fa-list” style=”1″]

  1. Find/create the image you want to use, and make sure it’s 32×32 pixels. You may want to consider saving it as a PNG file to make use of the transparency aspect if there are blank parts of your favicon.
  2. Log in to cPanel and navigate to your File Manager, then into your public_html folder. If you use FTP, this will take you to this location.
  3. Upload your favicon into this top level folder.
  4. Once uploaded, you will need to rename the file to favicon.ico. Make sure you remove any mention of JPEG/PNG from the file extension as this will not work.
  5. Job done! It may take a little time to show due to caching but it will appear soon.

[spacer color=”6EB0E2″ icon=”fa-list” style=”1″]

That was a quick and easy guide to creating and implementing a favicon for your website – what would you like me to provide a tutorial on next?

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