21st September, 2015

Apple using new gTLD for their news platform

Leading technology company Apple is now using the relatively new .NEWS domain extension as a major component of their Apple News platform.

Apple.NEWS perfectly marries the Apple brand with the descriptive and memorable .NEWS new domain extension to instantly and accurately associate any piece of content published, shared or utilized by the Apple News platform with its brand.

“The take-away here is that there’s now a broad movement among leading brands, as well as the biggest companies in the world, toward these simple, yet powerful, branding tools called new domain extensions,” explains Taryn Naidu, Rightside’s CEO. “This is just the start, but Apple.NEWS is the most significant use of a new top-level domain (TLD) yet, and I am very excited at the promise and potential that this development signals. Whether they’re used as a complementary domain, content-sharing links (bit.ly, but with branding) or a simple re-direct, new domain extensions have a real and important place in every company’s overarching brand strategy today.”

For example, The Hunger Games movie series now utilizes a new domain extension to promote its films (thehungergames.movie); McDonald’s in Austria recently used a .ROCKS domain name to support a product promotion (bigmac.rocks); and even Lady Gaga is now using a new domain extension to rebrand her non-profit charitable foundation (bornthisway.foundation).

Adds Bill Glenn, Rightside’s Vice President of Marketing, “These bottom-line tools can help modern marketers further personalize their companies’ online identities. This, in turn, helps to better control and drive the brand by solidifying more precise connection with target audiences.”

Another key benefit of new domain extensions is the fact that they work across every platform and create a means to deep link, no matter where brands engage with their audiences — online, mobile or apps.

Rightside has recently seen the growing popularity of new domain extensions among big brands. Earlier this summer, for example, Rightside launched .NEWS, and it became the company’s most successful new domain extension 14 days into General Availability and has already accumulated nearly 20,000 registrations since mid-July.

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