7th February, 2015

BBC reporter makes spectacular gaffe live on TV

It’s imperative for any journalist to know the subject in which they are talking about.

BBC’s Stuart Flinders fell victim to this on television today when speaking with Liverpool and Everton fans prior to the Merseyside derby this weekend. Approaching an elderly man, Flinders asked: “I’m just wondering whether you remember the derby match in 1967 at Goodison [Park], FA Cup, 5th round and it was shown on a big screen at Anfield at the same time – do you remember it?”.

It’s at this point where the man delivers the fatal blow in one sentence: “Yes I do, I played in it.”

The man was in fact Tommy Lawrence, Liverpool’s goalkeeper at the time. Take a look at the video below:

Lawrence, who was nicknamed ‘The Flying Pig’ as a player and won two titles with Liverpool under legendary manager Bill Shankly, as well as the FA Cup, went on to explain how he was on the losing side that particular afternoon. World Cup winner Alan Ball struck the winner for the Toffees in a 1-0 triumph.

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  • Wow, its such a small world out there. What are the odds that someone would randomly walk up to another person and ask them about something, especially that, and find out that they played in that game? This is truly an amazing find and I’m really glad you shared this. From watching play backs of that particular game in the past, it was truly an amazing game. Lawrence played exceptionally well and did his job tremendously, but Ball got around him. From what I remember, it was a pretty amazing play by Ball.

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