2nd January, 2014

Easy way to save money when shopping online

Here’s a quick money-saving tip for all of you people feeling the pinch after Christmas.

When shopping online, retailers want to make sure you complete your purchase. Something I have been told about – and tested myself – is to fill your ‘basket’ with all the items you wish to buy, and leave it for a day or so.

Make sure you are logged into an account or this most likely won’t work. Usually after about twenty four hours, the retailer will send you an e-mail offering you a discount code to lure you into completing the purchase – I was offered 10% off a recent order.

Let me know if you’ve ever tried this before and how it worked out!

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  • Thanks for the advice! It has worked. They sent me a 25% off code for my purchase. I am always looking ways to save money and now you have sorted most of my trouble out. Thanks Jamie!

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