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Most people make the mistake of asking, “What do people want to read about?” when they should really be asking, “What do I want to write about?”

People are naturally drawn to people with passion. The more enthusiastic you are about something the better your chances are at getting someone’s attention. For instance, say you are walking in the mall and you see a cart with the attendant on their cell phone where their selling perfume then next to them is a different cart selling perfume but they have a crowd and people and laughing while the attendant is entertaining them. If you were actually in the market for some cologne or perfume chances are you will walk to the buzzing’ cart to see what the hype is about. You need to treat your blog the same way.

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Personal Blogs vs. Special Niche Blogs

In a way personal blogs are easier because you can literally talk about ANYTHING while special niche blogs you almost have to say something that hasn’t been said before about the genre. Regardless though, you still need inspiration sometimes and this article is about some of the places to find just that.

Conversations are GOLD

Eavesdropping is probably one of the best way to find inspiration for a topic idea.   Hang out at the local coffee shop or in the food court/cafeteria. Go where there are a lot of people like events and just listen. You’ll be amazed at what ideas you can come up with either based on what they’re talking about or perhaps they are wearing something that makes you question “why” and better yet inspire you to talk about the answer.

LIVE LIFE and live long enough to write about it

The more you experience new and exciting things the more experience and exciting things you’ll have to talk about! Watching someone bungee jump then writing about it delivers an ENTIRELY different message to if you were to bungee jump and write about it. Why do you think reporters have to be on the scene to report things instead of in an office somewhere while a cameraman shoots at the scene? It’s the same concept.

Turn to your readers

If you’re lucky enough to have a blog where readers comment regularly reach out to them. Ask them what do they like best about your blog and what topics do they seem to gravitate to? Sometimes you do not even have to ask them – you can look at posts where you received the most feedback on. Pay attention to their comments because sometimes those can inspire you as well.

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So that’s my recommendations – let us know in the comments what you enjoy to blog about and where you get your inspiration!


  • I get my inspiration by making lists, lots of them! I usually list down events and things that have happened to be recently. Haven’t been active on a blog in quite a while, I should be! Thanks for sharing, Sharon.

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