5th May, 2015

Help raise money for children in Cape Town

A friend of mine is currently raising funds to enable her to visit Cape Town, South Africa, so that she can work with the disadvantaged children that are there.

The most recent data from 2009 indicates that 22% of the population live below the internationally recognised poverty line (although this has fallen from the 50% of 2000), life expectancy is just over fifty years and infant mortality rates are running at 43 for every 1000 births. There are strong variations in this figure throughout the country. In rural areas nearly 60% live in poverty with the provinces of KwaZulu-Natal, the Eastern Cape and Limpopo being the poorest and home to 47.4% of South Africa’s population. In Limpopo 64.6% of the population live in poverty whilst in Gauteng its ‘just’ 24.9%.

A 2012 UNICEF report found 1.4 million children living in homes that had no safe water supply being forced to rely on unsafe streams for drinking water, 1.5 million children have no access to proper sanitation and 1.7 million of them live in shacks, with no proper bedding, cooking or washing facilities.” – African Volunteer Network

Rose is trying to raise money for children in Cape Town
“1.5 million children have no access to proper sanitation”

As you can see from the figures above, the children of South Africa (and much of Africa in general) are at huge disadvantages compared to us in the West.

Raise money for children in Cape Town

Rose is raising money to fund a trip for her to visit Cape Town and work in schools, help build and create resources for the children and improving their lives in any way possible.

I urge you to help raise money for children in Cape Town, South Africa – you can do so by visiting the GoFundMe page and signing in with your Facebook credentials. The donations have almost reached the 50% mark – at the time of writing £450.00 has been raised out of the required £1,000. Please donate anything you can to this great cause!

[button link=”http://www.gofundme.com/la9kmo” icon=”fa-gift” side=”left” target=”blank” color=”6EB0E2″ textcolor=”ffffff”]Click here to help raise money for children in Cape Town, South Africa[/button]

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