How to change your WordPress username using phpMyAdmin

It’s actually very easy to change your WordPress username – it can seem complex and to the not-so-techy it can be a daunting idea having to change records in phpMyAdmin.

Follow these simple steps and you’ll be able to change your WordPress username with ease:

  1. Login to cPanel. This is normally located at Your login details will have been provided to you when you signed up to your web host.
  2. Choose the phpMyAdmin option from the Databases section.
  3. Now choose your database from the list on the left. The amount here depends how much content is on your site – if you have multiple content management systems on your website there will be multiple here. The username will most likely look similar to your domain name.
  4. Once you have clicked this and it is expanded, choose the wp_users option.
  5. Look at the list on the page and find the WordPress username which you want to change. Click the Edit option.
  6. Make sure you change the user_login field and the username_nicename field to your new desired username. This will be what displays to the public and what you login with.
  7. Once you’re happy, press Go. You will be logged out of WordPress and you will be able to login with your new username.

There are other methods to this too, but this is one of the simplest ways which doesn’t involve many changes or the deletion of accounts, though I will share the other methods in the coming weeks.


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