11th April, 2015

I bought a new PC!

After years and years of saying I was going to, I finally got around to buying a new computer.

My old PC was on it’s last legs and I really needed to upgrade, and ended up going with the Dell OptiPlex 3020 SFF. It’s got an i5 processor, and has 4GB RAM installed, though I have ordered 16GB of Corsair RAM to future-proof. It has a 1TB HDD and I bought an upgraded 1GB graphics card so that I could support two Acer K242HLAbid 24″ LED/DVI/HDMI monitors.

It’s running Windows 8.1, though I’ve installed Classic Shell as I’m not a massive fan of the Metro tiles. I also purchased Office 365 to keep up with the times after using Office 2007 for a number of years. I mainly use cloud services (mostly Google Drive) for all of my photos, videos and files so the PC is relatively clean other than programmes.

Anyway, it’s a hell of a lot quicker and much easier to use Photoshop and Sony Vegas now. Just eagerly awaiting my new RAM from Corsair!

I’m also hoping to pick up a new backlit keyboard at some point, though I like wireless keyboards and mice and I’m yet to find something that takes my fancy matching my criteria. Also considering getting some kind of stand or bracket to keep my two monitors together and raised to leave more desk space, but we’ll see.


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