27th January, 2013

I got the job!

During my final day of my trial week at Cosmic Ethical IT I was pulled aside by my line manager.

I was overjoyed when I was offered a job there! It’s a great place to be working and it’s really nice to be doing something different. After just one week I really enjoy it and can see myself doing a job like this for the foreseeable future, I especially enjoy dressing up in nice clothes for once rather than the crappy clothes I used to wear for my old job.

It is an apprenticeship and run through the local college, which means I’ll have to go to college four times a month. I have an interview with the college tomorrow at 2pm where I have to show my college grades and and answer a few questions. As long as that interview goes fine (I’m sure it will, my grades are good so I don’t really have any worries) I will be a full time employee at Cosmic!

I can’t wait to start properly, it’s a great job and the people are nice! Stay tuned!

Also, how are you liking the new theme?


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