10th October, 2013

I’m out of hospital!

I am happy to say I’m now out of hospital!

I have been out for a week or so, but I’ve taken some time out from my online activities, websites and such.

At first I had a bad case of tonsillitis, but then I found out I also had glandular fever and an infection which sucked and put me in a lot of pain. But thankfully I’m on the mend now and looking forward to getting back to work on Monday after having two weeks off.

The staff at Exeter Hospital looked after me really well, so thanks to them!

You can find me posting technology and gaming news and reviews at Geeks Hut and also interesting stuff about Chernobyl over at my new site Chernobyl.TV.


  • I am glad you have gotten well and you are back on track. 
    I have been into hospital before and I know it can be quite boring laying down in a hospital bed.

  • I hope you weren’t too bored in hospital. I remember when I was in hospital, it was very boring as it had no wifi, and there was nothing to do, ended up watching soaps all day. Im glad you are better now, and back to regular online status. As I love the blog posts here and at geeks hut.

  • Im glad your out of hospital now, Jamie. I remember when I went to hospital I had to lay there and do nothing all day it was so boring. It was really warm in the room and they wouldn’t open the windows! I’m glad your back on track and healthy!!

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