2nd April, 2018

“My Dear Melancholy” – a perfect birthday

I’ve got to that age now where birthdays don’t really bother me at all – it’s just another day. However, this year was different.

If you’ve ever visited my Twitter account, you will probably have noticed that I’m a bit of a fan of The Weeknd. “A bit” being modest. If you’ve followed him/his music at all, you may be aware that he hasn’t really dropped anything of his own since his 2016 album Starboy.

We’ve only really heard:

  • A handful of features (namely “Some Way”, “Comin Out Strong”, “Lust for Life”, “A Lie”, “UnFazed”, “Curve”, “Lullaby”, “Come Thru”
  • A remix of “Reminder” with A$AP Rocky and Young Thug
  • An OVO Radio exclusive ‘release’ of an old track called “Down Low” (which is a cover of R. Kelly’s song of the same title)
  • “Pray for Me”, Abel’s collaboration with Kendrick Lamar for the Black Panther movie

It’s safe to say that XO fans were starving for new music, and The Weeknd sent fans (including myself) into frenzy on Wednesday 28th March when he uploaded a printscreen of a text conversation with Lamar asking if “we should drop Friday”.

In my mind, this had to be a single, and I was hyped because Friday was in fact my 24th birthday – a decent birthday gift if you ask me!

Sure enough, Friday came and I woke up to new music, but it was actually a mini album/EP called “My Dear Melancholy,”. Six new tracks to delve into – a great start to my day.

A lot of fans have been asking for the darker sound that The Weeknd explored in his earlier releases like Trilogy and Kiss Land. It didn’t disappoint. The body of work had a dark sound and equally – if not darker – lyrics, mainly exploring his recent relationship with Selena Gomez. As usual, no prisoners were taken.

Trilogy-inspired artwork

Due to the dark sound of My Dear Melancholy, I figured it would be an interesting concept to put together a custom artwork for MDM inspired by the three Trilogy mixtapes – House of Balloons, Thursday and Echoes of Silence.

I shared it on Twitter and reddit and it gained some good traction:

I was also taken aback when reddit user /u/Anutik2301 replied with a screenshot of his/her iTunes Library – they had replaced the official cover art with my custom one.

How awesome!

Anyway, if you wanted to listen to the EP, you can do so via the official YouTube playlist here. My current favourite is the first track, “Call Out My Name”.

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