1st December, 2013

It’s time to change domain name

I feel now is the time I need to change the domain name for this website.

As much as I love the current domain, there are too many issues with it for me to continue with it (as the primary domain). Being such a short domain, it won’t get found in search engines when people search for “JD” as there are many organisations with those initials such as JD Sports and Jack Daniels. But surprisingly, this is not the main issue with this domain. If I tell a fellow webmaster that my blog is located at “JD.pe”, all is fine. But if I say it to the general public, the response I get every single time is “dot p-e? What’s that?”. You see, the vast majority of people know of .com, .net, .org, their country code such as .co.uk, and .gov. But when it comes to lesser-used extensions, people generally haven’t heard of them. I then have to go through the process of what .pe is, that it’s the extension for Peru and why I chose it. I’ve just about had enough of that conversation.

So, I am looking to buy a more generic domain, preferably with a .com. But as any webmaster knows, finding a .com that you want it like finding a needle in a haystack. I want it to include something about my name, so either my first name Jamie or my initials JD. I’m going to leave out my surname (for obvious reasons).

Thinking of a domain name is becoming much harder than expected. I’ve thought about getting a .co.uk, and a few good ones are available, though I feel readers from outside of the United Kingdom would feel the blog is not of interest to them and not visit – can anyone give some feedback on this?

Also, if anyone has any domain suggestions, please do send them my way as I’d love some feedback. And if you want to suggest any blog topics, feel free! Leave all suggestions in the comments – thanks!


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