2nd May, 2015

Tonight is Fight Night – and I’m on #TheMoneyTeam

So tonight is the night, the night of probably the biggest boxing fight of all time – Floyd ‘Money’ Mayweather vs. Manny Pacquiao.

It seems set to eclipse all other fights – the promotion of the fight has been all over the internet and each fighter is set to take home a large pay packet, regardless of the result.

Politics aside, I’m hoping for a good fight. The fight is also probably been the most hyped sporting event of all time, so I’m hoping we as the fans are treated to an entertaining match. I’m hoping for a Mayweather Jr. win tonight – I’m not entirely sure why though. I enjoy watching both fighters – they are both experts in their field, but there’s something about Mayweather that has lead to me rooting for him. Maybe it’s his confidence and how calm he seems, maybe it’s his lifestyle.

Help me out with a caption

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Pacman definitely seems to be the people’s champion, but also the underdog. The odds are definitely for Money tonight, and Pac is really going to want to prove the bookies wrong.


Selfie before weigh-in.


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So let me know – who are you rooting for tonight?


  • All I can say is that I’m glad I did not pay to watch the fight. I was disappointed with the match because it seemed like Manny Pacquiao had to take all of the risky shots in order to give the audience a good fight and to protect his reputation Mayweather just played it safe the whole time. I wouldn’t be surprised if they talked about it during negotiations that Mayweather is set to win. Regardless of what the fans say for both fighters they walked away with millions and at the end of the day that’s the only thing that mattered. Fans will continue to cheers for Pacquiao and people will still hate Mayweather’s arrogance and cockiness. lol

      • marquez and pacquiao are both great fihregts in boxing.but in their 1st and 2nd fight i can see it clearly that pacquiao is much better,not like marquez that just can’t accept his l0ss,and speaking words that’s n0t good against manny.that’s not a kind of a good fighter.manny did’nt say anything bad because all he thinks first is to train hard for the sake of his family,not to be a bully like marquez.it’s just sports,accept it in your heart!

  • Most boxers are good in words. Mayweather is very good at that. He is very good in muithong the opponents with harsh words. Pacman is silent but dangerous. Pacman will knock him in less than 5 rounds. He will kiss the floor goodbye! and again retire!!!One more prediction If Marquez will fight Pacquiao again , Pacman will end Marq’z career for good. Marquez is a kind of boxer who will throw you a lot of words, cannot accept the fact that he’s been defeated by Pacman, simply to cover up the “four embarrassing knock outs” I think he should seal his mouth with a vulca-seal… that will solve his problem. He has nothing to prove against Pacman, I think he should retire.

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