6th February, 2015

I tried my hand at betting

Just a week or so ago, I thought I’d try my hand at a little betting.

My friends always talked about their ‘accumulators’ that they had placed for the weekend football matches, and it was something I’d never dabbled in. I decided one weekend to give it a shot, and placed a bet early in the week for the weekend coming.

I’d never done any form of gambling before, so wasn’t entirely sure what I was looking at to start with. I found out how to place accumulators, and placed one for six games.

What is an accumulator? This wager combines four or more selections into a single bet that gains a return only when all parts win. Use the accumulator fold options above should you want to place stakes of different size on folds of your wager. This style of betting makes it possible to gain a return even when not all selections win.

I placed £10.00 on the following:

  • Manchester United to beat Leicester City at 1/3
  • Tottenham Hotspur to beat West Bromwich Albion at 29/20
  • Liverpool to beat West Ham United at 4/6
  • Stoke City to beat Queens Park Rangers at 8/13
  • Middlesbrough to beat Brentford at 11/8
  • FC Barcelona to beat Villarreal at 1/4

Potential returns were £261.10 from a £10.00 bet – not too shabby, but I wasn’t too hopeful.

So it came to Saturday, when five of the six games were playing. I waited eagerly watching Sky Sports News for the scores to come in. Win, win, win, win, win. Five wins so far, and all I needed was FC Barcelona to win their match on Sunday night. If there’s ever a team you’re going to bet on to win, it’s Barça.

It came to Sunday night, and I happened to be out with my friend Chris enjoying some fine dining at our local McDonald’s. The match had kicked off when I left, and was 0-0. We were sat eating, and I’d activated notifications of goals on my iPhone so I could keep track of the game. My phone lit up, I saw there had been a goal. Who would it be – Messi, Suarez, Neymar? Nope, Villarreal. I was feeling a bit heavy hearted at this point, but we were only thirty or-so minutes in. To my delight, Barça pulled one back; 1-1. Back to losing again; 1-2. It’s getting late in the game – I’ve come to the conclusion I’ve probably lost. But no! Rafinha pulls one back after an hour to level the scoring at 2-2. I’m feeling good, there’s half an hour left and Barça are on the up.

Chris then suggests loading up a livestream of the game online on his phone so I can watch the match whilst chowing down a double cheeseburger and McNuggets. As soon as the game loads up, I witness a beauty of a goal from no other than Lionel Messi – 3-2! I was winning!

That last half an hour were a nerve-racking one, and it could have gone either way, but the final whistle blew and I’d turned £10.00 into £261.10 on my first ever bet.

So that was my induction into the world of gambling, but it definitely won’t be a regular occurrence. Gambling can ruin lives when the player does not know when to stop, or when to say “no”. The temptation or placing another bet to make a quick buck can often prove too strong and it can be a slippery slope from there.

I would recommend anyone who gambles or has ever considered it to head over to GambleAware to learn how to stay ahead of the game and out of trouble.

So that’s my tale for today – I am currently planning a revamp of this site’s design and hope to be able to publish daily content for you all to enjoy.


  • First, foremost, and sincerely, CONGRATULATIONS on your winnings. Beginners get all the luck in the world the first time they gamble. Your post is one of many that confirms this. Every time I try something brand new, I do extremely well. You should be glad and proud of your predictions and that you did so well. Second, Messi and Neymar are two of my all time favorite players! They both played amazing during the 2014 FIFA World Cup even though the refs made some pretty bad calls during several games.

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