Why do so many websites use the colour blue?

If you were to take a poll and ask 10 people what is their favorite color at least 50% of them will choose blue as their first or second choice. Why is that?

The color blue is associated with the state of being calm, tranquil, ease. Countries who have the color in their flags represent things like freedom (USA), liberty (France), and oceans (Guatemala). There are many reasons why people like the color blue and why they are attracted to it. However, why do so many websites use the color blue?

Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Windows, Skype, and many other companies use the color blue for their websites. The answer to why they choose the color blue is simple: it is the most favored color by people. Companies use this marketing technique to draw in the audience they want. For those whose favorite color is blue they will naturally (even just subconsciously) favor websites with the color blue because it makes them feel more welcomed.

Did you know that blue was the most favorite color? Where do you stand on the color blue?


  • Interesting fact that people who likes blue would favor websites that come in blue shades, with that many favoring blue I guess I should use blue as a base on my site(s) as well then.
    Most of them already do actually, although I do like blue as well I lean more towards the purple tones then the purely blue ones.

  • Fantastic Article, I didn’t actually know that so many sites used blue, but now I do. Blue is actually my favorite color.

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