Will e-mails become obsolete?

When was the last time you communicated with someone not in person? Chances are it was via text, Facebook, Twitter, or some other social platform.

I remember when I used to get home from school and was excited to reply to several e-mails from e-pals all over the world. However, with the birth of social media e-mails have become just a secondary form of communication (if all fails) or it’s a matter that needs to be addressed but not straight away. For work, our workload used to depend solely on e-mails whether it was someone requesting a report on something down to what people wanted to order for lunch. However, all of these were at least 5 years ago. Question is will e-mails become obsolete?

More and more companies are integrating video and group chat platforms such as Skype, into the workplace to discuss important matters where traditionally individuals would be included in e-mails (otherwise known as being “CC’ed or BCC’ed in) and it requires immediate attention typically.

Although e-mails may not be the primary source of communication and over time it will be used even less it will never truly become obsolete. Take the post mail for instance. Although writing letters is no longer the primary way to communicate with family, friends and acquaintances, businesses still spends thousands of dollars every year to send out advertisements to residents. People still use the post for sending/receiving packages. E-mail is still by far the most convenient way to send relatively secure messages where individuals can view them at their leisure.

Do you use them for communication? Has e-mail instead become an organization tool for information for you? What is your opinion about e-mails?

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  • As the way the world is turning it is like emails and postage will all be forgotten. However, this is a huge part of online businesses. Online businesses are not going to spend the time trying to skype you or oovoo you. They will email you or possibly even post mail you your FAQ’s and Answers to your questions. So my belief is that emailing and postage will never be forgotten!

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